Invisible Braces: Invisalign®

Book your first consultation and let one of the specialised dentists at Apollo – tandartsen voor orthodontie advise you. Together with you, the dentist will look at the options, how long you need to wear the brace for, and what the costs are.

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What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® treatment is one of the newest methods for straightening your teeth. The orthodontic dentist uses digital 3D imaging to create several invisible aligners. You must wear each aligner for approximately two weeks, before replacing it with the next invisible aligner. This way, your teeth are moved into the proposed final position slowly but surely. The treatment duration and the number of aligners depend on your initial situation and your desired end result. The dentist can give you an indication of both in advance.

Advantages of invisible braces

One of the major advantages of the Invisalign® is – of course – that the brace is completely transparent. At first glance, no one will notice you are wearing braces. This is not the only advantage of these innovative invisible braces. Invisalign®:

  •             Ensures your teeth are beautifully straight again

The brace helps you to achieve beautifully straight teeth. You will smile with confidence again in no time.

  •             Easy to clean

Because the brace is removable, it is easy to clean. You only have to rinse it under running water and brush the hard to reach places using your toothbrush.

  •             Very comfortable to wear

Invisalign® gradually corrects the position of your teeth. You will not experience the pressure ache regular braces cause in the beginning. The brace will feel unusual at first, but you will get used to it in just a few days.

  •             Shows the results beforehand

Thanks to the unique 3D technology, you can see the end result beforehand. We go through every step, so that you will know exactly how your teeth will look with each aligner.

What’s more, the Invisalign® invisible brace does not stop you from playing sports without worry and eating anything you want. The removable, invisible braces correct your teeth with minimum impact on your daily life.

How much does Invisalign® cost?

The exact cost depends on the duration of the treatment. At your first consultation with the orthodontic dentist, you will find out what the situation is with your teeth, and how long you will have to wear the braces. This information will be used to draw up a treatment plan and itemise the final cost.

Healthcare insurance cover

Healthcare insurers consider Invisalign® to be a cosmetic choice, not a medical need. This is why many insurers do not offer cover for the invisible braces. If you have added extra cover for orthodontics, you can claim back the consultation costs. The cost of the technical aspects of Invisalign® are almost always your responsibility. Unfortunately, these costs account for most of the total amount.

There are certain insurers that reimburse the Invisalign® in case of medical need for orthodontics. Please ask your healthcare insurer for more information. Contact Lassus Tandartsen if you need more information about a possible reimbursement.

Intake & treatment

The course of treatment always starts with an intake interview with our orthodontic dentist at Apollolaan 174 in Amsterdam.

1.      Intake interview

At the intake interview, the orthodontic dentist will discuss your wishes and expectations with you. Then, we take a look at your teeth and the dentist decides how Invisalign® could help you to have beautifully straight teeth.

2.      Treatment plan

Based on the information from the intake interview, we create a personal treatment plan. This plan explains how often you have to return for check-ups, how long you have to wear the invisible braces, and what the costs are for the complete course of treatment. If you accept the treatment plan, we can get started.

In addition, Invisalign® will provide you with a simulation of the complete course of treatment. It shows you exactly how your teeth and molars will move to create a beautiful smile.

3.      Producing the invisible braces

The orthodontic dentist will take an impression of your teeth. This is done using a dental impression tray or a modern intraoral scanner. The impression is then used to make several customised braces. Each brace is worn for approximately two weeks before it is replaced with the next one in line. Each new aligner puts you one step closer to the desired end result.

4.      Fitting the brace

Your dentist will contact you when your braces are ready. We will check that the braces fit properly during a consultation at one of our dental practices. We show you how to click the invisible brace in place and take it out, and how to clean the Invisalign®.

5.      Periodic check-ups

You will be required to have a check-up every month. This appointment is used to check if progress is as expected and whether the treatment is going well. The dentist might have to make a few alterations to pressure points in the Invisalign®.

6      After the treatment

After the treatment, you will have beautifully straight teeth. To make sure they stay that way, we will fit a retainer at the back of your teeth that ensures your teeth stay in place. The cost of the retainer is included in the price of the braces.

How does Invisalign® work?

Invisalign® is a virtually invisible way to straighten teeth. The current situation and the desired result are used as a basis for a series of customised, invisible braces. Every brace that follows in the series ensures you are one step closer to your desired end result. The number of invisible braces needed and the duration of the treatment both depend on your wishes and the condition of your teeth.

Invisalign® invisible braces shift the teeth through a series of carefully controlled movements. The Invisalign® braces not only check the movement of the teeth, but also take timing into account. In each phase, only several teeth can move. This method ensures that the Invisalign® braces are less painful than regular braces.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Invisalign treatment painful?

Some people experience pressure when wearing the brace. This is usually when you are using a new aligner. This is normal and just a sign that the brace is effective. The feeling of pressure on the teeth usually only lasts a few days.

How long does Invisalign treatment take?

The duration of the treatment is similar to that of normal braces. This means it mainly depends on the initial situation and the desired end result. As part of a consultation, the orthodontic dentist can give you more information about how long you would have to wear the braces.

Can I eat and drink anything with Invisalign braces?

Yes, you can. Unlike traditional braces, the Invisalign braces can simply be removed before eating or drinking. As such, there are no limitations to what you can eat or drink.

For how long should I wear the Invisalign braces each day?

We advise that you wear the Invisalign brace for at least 22 hours a day. The more you wear your brace, the faster the treatment.