Fixed brackets

Beautifully straight teeth with fixed metal braces. Treatment with fixed metal braces takes on average 2 to 3 years. The braces remain in place for the duration of the treatment, that is why it is called a fixed brace. Straighten your teeth with a fixed brace at Apollo – dentists for orthodontics in Amsterdam and enjoy:

  •             Beautifully straight teeth
  •             A customised treatment plan
  •             Improved chewing function

Why choose a fixed metal brace?

A commonly heard and important reason for a fixed metal brace is the wish to have straight teeth. In addition, a fixed metal brace can be a solution if you cannot bite, chew or talk properly. These actions are easier when your teeth are straight. Also, straight teeth are easier to keep clean, so the risk of cavities is reduced.

Treatment with braces

We will always use an initial consultation to discuss your wishes before we fit fixed metal braces at Apollo. Our dentist for orthodontics will answer all your questions and talk through the different options with you. For example, our clinic also offers different braces, including:

  •             Invisalign invisible braces
  •             Retainer
  •             Orthodontic headgear
  •             Myobrace
  •             Hyrax expansion brace

At the end of the consultation, after you and your orthodontic dentist have made a decision on the most suitable brace for you or your child, you will receive a personal treatment plan and an overview of the cost for fixed metal brace treatment.

Fixed metal braces: treatment

After you have decided on the fixed metal brace, the course of treatment is made up of the following steps:

Step 1: pre-examination

Before we fit the fixed metal brace, the orthodontic dentist examines the condition of the teeth and gums. We will also take X-rays and a plaster cast of your teeth.

Step 2: fitting

At this appointment, we will place the brackets on your teeth. The brackets are connected with a wire with is secured to the brackets using rubber bands. We polish each tooth and use special glue to attach the brackets to the teeth. Fitting the brackets to your upper and lower teeth will take about two hours. Finally, the wire connecting the brackets is fitted. Depending on the type of brace, the wire is secured to the brackets using rubber bands or little clips built into the brackets.

Step 3: check-ups

After the brace has been fitted, it is important that you come back for a check-up every four to six weeks. The team uses this check-up to look at treatment progression and oral hygiene. Every time your teeth have moved enough, we will replace the wire and bands if necessary.

Cost of a fixed metal brace

The total price of the treatment depends on the current situation of your teeth and the time needed to shift the teeth. When discussing the treatment plan, our orthodontic dentist can give you a price indication. Treatment lasts on average two to four years.

Frequently asked questions

Fixed metal braces are the most common braces for children.  Here are some frequently asked questions about this treatment:

Does a fixed metal brace hurt?

Fitting a fixed metal brace does not hurt. However, the teeth are sometimes sensitive straight after fitting or after a check-up appointment (if the wires and rubber bands have been replaced). At the start of treatment, there will probably also be an uncomfortable feeling when eating or brushing teeth. This usually lasts approximately a week. After this, the teeth and molars are settled.  The brackets sometimes cause small wounds in the mouth, resulting in irritation and pain. Luckily, these small wounds usually heal quite quickly.

How can I keep my braces clean?

Food can get stuck between the brackets, wires, and rubber bands. It is extra important to brush your teeth well if you are wearing braces. When you brush your fixed metal braces, make sure you:

  • place the toothbrush diagonally on your teeth;
  • also brush the inner side of your teeth;
  • brush your gums too

Our dentists always recommend using an electric toothbrush with a special attachment for braces. We also advice that you use an interdental brush to clean between the brackets after brushing. Of course, we will give you full instructions on how best to keep your brace clean.

Why does the treatment take so long?

A fixed metal brace applies force to the teeth, slowly changing the position of the tooth in the jawbone. Bone disappears from one side of the tooth, while bone grows on the other side. This is the (normal) biological process when moving teeth and molars. Depending on how much the teeth need to move, this process takes approximately 2 to 3 years.